QUIET || k-e-i-t
“I whisper your name
Like gospel, your heartbeat is
The pulse of our hymn.”
— e. olson

Marseille | France (by Andrey Permitin) travelingcolors:

Marseille | France (by Andrey Permitin) travelingcolors:

Marseille | France (by Andrey Permitin) travelingcolors:

Marseille | France (by Andrey Permitin) travelingcolors:

Marseille | France (by Andrey Permitin)


NASA scientists with their board of calculations. 1960’s

(via westernshore)

“Isn’t there something
Tragically beautiful in
Just one last embrace?”
— e. olson
“My feeble tongue speaks;
But they’re not words, rather the
Lyrics of love’s song.”
— e. olson

ThreeWordParadox 200 Follower Giveaway!

I can’t believe 200 of you follow me and want to read my shitty poetry. I know it’s not a huge number, but I honestly expected a grand total of 5 followers here so it’s truly an honor. 

To thank you all for following me, but because I don’t have real money to buy giveaway prizes with (struggling student, etc. etc.), I’d like to do something that more closely aligns with this blog. I’d like to make a personalized poem (most likely courier series or handwritten) for the winner of the giveaway. We can message back and forth a couple times to figure out something you’d like and then I’ll whip something up, throw it in a frame and ship it off to you. I’ll do up to five of these poems, depending on people’s interest.

The rules are as follows:

  • You don’t need to be following me (though, since this is a follower giveaway, it would be nice if you did);
  • Both likes and reblogs count, but only one reblog (don’t be that guy/gal and spam your followers);
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and will be notified via tumblr—please have your inbox open!
  • If you are a winner, you must be willing to divulge a valid postal or P.O. box address (willing to ship globally);
  • I’ll keep the giveaway open, at least initially, for two and a half weeks, give or take. That means the contest will close and winners will be chosen on midnight on April 25, 2014 (may extend deadline as interest allows).

Again, thank you all so much for following me. I hope you take advantage of this (and that the personalized poem isn’t so completely stupid that no one wants it) because I’m really excited about it!

“While you were not mine,
I let myself become yours;
Now I can’t break free.”
— e. olson
“Shall we lie in the
Grass and let the spinning world
Carry us to sleep?”
— e. olson
“Tonight I will melt
Into the folds of your arms
And your lips’ creases.”
— e. olson
“my biggest regret is not being born with lips destined to kiss yours.”
— e. olson
“My dear, how I miss
The summer sun fizzling on
Our skin where we touch.”
— e. olson

Dear past me,

What can I say? It’s been quite the journey between where you are and where I am. Unfortunately not much has changed - you’re still insecure, you’re still challenged by crippling trust issues, you’re still working to prove yourself to someone (hint: you figure it out down the road, you’re trying to prove yourself to you—that you’re good enough to deserve to be happy). But things are going to get better. You’re going to learn to love yourself a little bit more each day.

You’re going to meet some wonderful people along the way. You’re also going to meet people that you’re going to end up wishing you have never met at all. But don’t wish that. Those people, who treat you like shit and make you feel worthless, are going to be the exact same people that start to convince you you’re worth something. Worth succeeding. Worth loving. Worth living. It’s because people don’t value you that you learn to start valuing yourself, and for the same reason that you’ll learn that you don’t have to please others to be happy. 

You’re going to laugh. You’re going to cry. You’re going to feel joy beyond belief and sadness beyond repair. You’re going to feel butterflies the first time he kisses you. And you’re going to feel betrayed and lost when he’s gone. All of this because, as your favorite quote by Harvey MacKay puts it, “nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.” 

I wish you the best of luck. You have one helluva life coming up.


Future You